Amazon’s Alexa in the Workplace Your New Personal Assistant

Amazon's Echo Dot

If you have an Amazon echo device, you have probably already met Alexa. Your artificial home personal assistant. In the home Alexa can manage smart home devices, do online shopping, play music, and tell you the news and weather. However; Amazon is working on a version of the home smart device for the office.Now you can have the personal assistant you never thought you needed, but always wanted.

Now Alexa will not be some great superpowered assistant, and she won’t bring you coffee every time you yell for her. If you have some kind of coffee maker that can be paired with her, then that’s a different story. However, the scope of what is possible from Alexa maybe limited, but the potential is unlimited.

Right now you could use Alexa the same way that you use her at home. She could put in an order to keep the office fully stocked on coffee. She could remind people of important appointments. She could even book the conference room for people, and can take messages. It’s not much, but it’s a start.

Imagine what Alexa may be able to do in a few years. Imagine her being a personal translator, distributing work on an executives behalf, reading emails, and sending dictated responses.

You may think that this is never going to happen and that offices will not pick this up. Someone probably thought the same thing about computers. As the technology improves, and becomes more available, voice activated office artificial intelligence may become an office standard.

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