ARM Designs an Image Signal Processor


If you use a mobile phone or rather a mobile computer, you use an ARM processing chip to do all the cool stuff you like to do with your phone. Without the ARM chip, we would still be using flip phones. If you’re unfamiliar with an image signal processor, it’s basically a chip to analyze a photo and turn it into a digital image on your phone. Every phone has one, but they are made by the phone’s manufacturer. Now ARM is throwing their hat into the mix, however it’s not meant for phones. The new image signal processor Mali-C71 is meant to be used in automobiles. This will allow a car to have more mage sensory abilities.

So you know how some care have a rear camera, and in some case a front camera. This new processor will allow for more cameras for cars at many different angles. So you will have side cameras for the side view mirrors. Maybe a camera for keeping an eye on kids in the back seat. Infrared cameras in the head lists for night driving and fog. Essentially, you won’t have to watch the road, you could watch the camera views in the dashboard. Although I recommend eyes on the road at all times.

As for me, I believe this is also meant to move the race to self driving cars forward a big step. If the Mali-C71 is the first of processors that can process moving traffic and signal lights as well, we are one step closer to self driving cars. Also more than likely ARM will put this chip to use in other mobile devices. This will help some of the smaller smartphone makers compete with the big boys in terms of image and photo quality.

If you want to know know, Checkout ARM’s blog.

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