October 19, 2015

Microsoft Office 2016.

Microsoft Office 2016

Technology fans got their first look at Microsoft Office 2016 when images of its updated interface surfaced online in March. But it wasn’t until early September read more…


October 16, 2016

NYC Got a D+ for Hiring MWBEs.

scott stringer

NYC got a D+ for hiring MWBEs – yes, you read that right! Recently, Scott Stringer – a New York City Comptroller and a New York Democratic politician, evaluated NYC agencies on doing business with MWBEs read more…

October 15, 2015

US Customs Computers are Down.


Yesterday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced, multiple customs computers across the US were down for about 1.5 hours read more…

October 14, 2015

Are Your File Transfers Secure Enough?

Data Security Compulink

Are your file transfers secure enough? That’s one of the most asked questions from IT professionals these days! The $218,400 fine in the US case of read more…

October 13, 2015

Lenovo ThinkServer RD450.

lenovo-thinkserver-rd450ThinkServer RD450 – A highly efficient, 2U rack server that offers flexible configuration options to create the right system for your needs read more…

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