Hardware Neural Networks Is it the future?

If you are a computer science nerd you might have read an article on Science Daily about how researchers learned how to write any magnetic code on nano wires. If you haven’t you should check out the article. Read More







HPE and Intel Bring You a New-Generation Compute Experience

As more and more businesses adopt the cloud, they are finding that the cloud is lacking in security, compliance, and application performance. Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel are teaming up to tackle these challenges with hybrid IT driven by HPE Gen10 servers. Read More











Understanding the Complicated World of The Cloud

Now you probably heard a lot about cloud services and cloud solutions, and how they can benefit your company. Read More



CRN's Top 500 Solution Provider List








Compulink named to CRN’s Solution Provider 500 List 2017

Compulink was named to CRN’s top 500 solution provider list for 2017. This is in recognition for the amount of sales we have driven for our channel partners. Read More



Smart Cities




What is the Future of Smart Cities?

So what would a smart city actually look like and what would it do for the residents its serves? Read More



Internet of Things




Internet of Things is on the Rise,What are the benefits?

So you have probably been hearing about the Internet of Things (IoT) a lot and how it can benefit your business and organization. Read More


Theresa May







UK PM Theresa May wants to Control Internet: Gov has no place on WWW?

In the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Theresa May is planning to create a new internet in which everything will be controlled and regulated by the government. Read More



Wanna Cry





Reaction to Massive Global Ransomware Attack: We don’t Wanna Cry

So an ambitious hacker used the Wikileaks documents that showed how spy agencies could hack anything at any time to carry out a global ransomware attack. Read Our Reaction


Star Wars Day






Star Wars Day: May The Force Be With You: Our Top 10 Star Wars Tech We Wish Were Real

Happy Star Wars Day as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the film that took us to a galaxy far far away. We look at the tech that the film made us nerd over for 40 years. Read More








ARM Designs an Image Signal Processor

If you use a mobile phone or rather a mobile computer, you use an ARM processing chip to do all the cool stuff you like to do with your phone. Read more


MBE Certified







Life as a MBE Certified Business and Why you should become one

Compulink Technologies is a certified Minority Owned Small Business we were recognized for being one of the most successful MBEs in the state of New York. If you are a minority business owner, you should be certified. Read More

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