Google’s Ad Problems: Advertisers Starting to Jump Ship?

Google is one of the world’s mega tech giants, and Alphabet Conglomerate‚Äôs biggest money maker is getting backlash from advertisers for YouTube ad placements on offensive videos. Read More



Intel Vapor Chamber







Intel is Working on a New Cooling System

Scientist from Duke University and Intel have come up with a brand new way of keeping high performance electronics cool. Read More


Facebook Stroies






Facebook Stories Review: Not as Fun as Snapchat

So Facebook release its own story telling picture slide show. It has all the feature of Snapchat and the photos disappear overtime. This is an attempt by the social media giant to keep users engaged on their app. However; while it is nice to have, I did not see much of a point to it. Read More



Space X






Space X Makes History

Space X launched another rocket into space to deliver a satellite, however, this average space launch is of historical significance. Read More









Thanks Republicans for Selling Us Out: Republicans End Internet Privacy Rules

Well now there is absolutely no privacy on the internet, and all your data is going to the highest bidder. Republicans end internet privacy, because they were bought off to do so Read More



Cloud Services







VMware’s Guide To Cloud Based Disaster Recovery

VMware published a post that give you a brief guide on the things you need to consider when using cloud-based disaster recovery solutions. Read More


Data Visualization







Real Time Data Visualization its Coming

Whether you know anything or not about big data, soon companies will use real time data visualization to provide more personalized content . What does that mean? Read More







Spotify to Release Some Albums to its Paid Subscribers: Even Music is Getting More Exclusive

Spotify the world number one music streaming service is going to offer select new albums releases to their paid subscribers. Read More



Disney C3P0 and R2D2






Disney is Looking to AI to innovate its Parks: These are the droids we’re looking for

Disney is attempting to innovate the experience we have when we go to Disney parks. They are looking into building AI robots of Disney characters to roam around their parks and interact with people. Read More 




NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio tried out a LinkNYC Wi-Fi kiosk soon after test units were rolled out.






NYC Sues Verizon for Taking To Long to Bring Us FIOS

n 2008 New York City signed a contract with Verizon, to give all household in the NYC area access to its Fiber-Optic service. The original completion date was suppose to be 2014. Now three years past the due date, New York City officials have had enough. They have filed a lawsuit against Verizon for breach of contract. Read More

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