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Using both Cloud and Data Centers to your Advantage

You can use both a public cloud service and a data center to your advantage in backing up you business. Read More









Windows Lets You Walk Away

Microsoft is working on a new update for Windows 10 that allows it to lock your computer when you walk away. Read More


Group of business people working at office





Cyber Security and Business Series:Planning how to handle hacks

So you started you small business and your have proper cyber security and while that is good, you should develop a formal plan of action in the event of a hack. Read More



New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio tried out a LinkNYC Wi-Fi kiosk soon after test units were rolled out.





NYC Smart City Test Projects: Do They Work?

New York City is running a few pilot programs around smart city technology. Read More


The Robots are Here





The Robots Take Over Japan

A Japanese insurance company Fukoku Mutual Insurance is replacing 34 whiter collar workers with robots. Read More








Smart City Technology on The Rise

One of the technology trends that will be looking to grow is technology designed to build smart cities. Read More


Conumer Electronic Show Image: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac





Best Tech To Be Shown At The Consumer Electronics Show

So the Consumer Electronics Show will take place in Las Vegas Nevada, and there are some very impressive products that will be on display. Read More









Weekly Blog Series Cyber Security Trends To Watch in 2017

Welcome to our weekly blog series on cyber security and business. So we did a little research on what will be some of the biggest cyber security trends that could impact your business. Keep an eye out on these trends as we move into the new year. Read More


2016 IT Predictions





Challenges to Modernizing Government IT Infrastructure

Technology moves fast and government moves like a turtle. The needs of government agencies to modernize their IT infrastructure is growing exponentially. Read More







Weekly Series on Cyber Security Topic Most Common Cyber Attacks

For all business owner out there, you need to be aware of the most common cyber attacks that your company can face. Read More

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