Business needs and enterprise reach are driving monumental shifts in the architecture of networks. Naturally, the SD-WAN vendor market has responded aggressively, knowing that by 2020 the space willbe worth more than six billion dollars, according to IDC. Choices are vast and include offerings from tried and true large networking vendors, focused WAN specialists and venture-funded startups.
We know SD-WAN technology is an effective and economical solution that addresses goals for agility, speed, security.… View More

Time to Asses your Network Needs

Life in the cloud never felt so plush. Here’s six examples of how Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) can improve the virtual, the material and more in your business:

1. Simplicity – SD-WAN can easily create a hybrid WAN that combines multiple connectivity points – including MPLS, mobile, and broadband paths- to provide logical, virtualized paths that can dynamically adapt to network conditions

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There is a new development in the ever growing information technology arms race. Cisco has announced it will acquire Skyport Systems Inc. Skyport Systems was a privately-held company that provided cloud-managed, hyper-converged systems that run and protect business-critical applications. Now the Skyport team will be absorbed into the Data Center – Computing Systems Product Group and Service Provider – Networking Group.… View More

Amazon's Echo Dot

If you have an Amazon echo device, you have probably already met Alexa. Your artificial home personal assistant. In the home Alexa can manage smart home devices, do online shopping, play music, and tell you the news and weather. However; Amazon is working on a version of the home smart device for the office.Now you can have the personal assistant you never thought you needed, but always wanted.View More


Compulink Technologies was the recent winner of the HP Inc and Ingram Micro’s Printing and Supplies Contest. The award was given in recognition for significantly growing our HP Inc Printing business. The driving force behind this success was our Vice President Denise Arboleda. She lead the sales team in aggressively chasing each and every printing opportunity that Compulink had received. As a reward for her dedication, hard work and leadership, she has received an all expense  paid trip to Savannah Georgia from November 7th-10th for the Savannah Food and Wine Festival.View More


Now you probably heard a lot about cloud services and cloud solutions, and how they can benefit your company. You probably heard about private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions. Have no fear Compulink Technologies is here to clear up the noise and break cloud services into simple understanding. Hopefully, this will help you be more open to the cloud as more and more businesses move to it.View More

Wanna Cry

So an ambitious hacker used the Wikileaks documents that showed how spy agencies could hack anything at any time to carry out a global ransomware attack. As a result, millions of people, and lots of businesses, hospitals, airports, airlines, mass transit agencies and more were victimized. They were held hostage for money by the ransomware Wanna Cry. We still don’t know what the fallout is, but never the less it was almost a technological apocalypse.View More

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Donald Trump

We all know about Trump and his anti-immigration and anti-trade policies, and how popular the are with his supporters. They also are likely to have a negative on the technology industry in many different ways. The technology industry is a global one, and it may be one of the few industries that truly rely on a global economy and free trade.View More


We all know the feeling of being in the middle of something and then windows all of a suddenly updates, and you are not able to save your work. Microsoft has had the automatic updates feature on many versions of windows. There are many people who know exactly how that feels and how frustrating that is. Microsoft has decided to not change that problem, despite its user base asking for them to do so.View More