Compulink named to CRN’s Solution Provider 500 List 2017

Solution Provider 500 list.

Compulink was named to CRN’s top 500 solution provider list for 2017. This is in recognition for the amount of sales we have driven for our channel partners. What that means is, that Compulink is one of the top 500 value added resellers in the IT channel. The IT channel is what people in the technology industry use to sell IT solutions. “IT solutions” is just an industry term for products and services essentially.

Now if you’re unfamiliar with the IT channel and what it is, I’ll explain how it works. A lot of the technology manufacturers like Cisco, HPE, HP, Dell etc don’t rely on selling their solutions themselves. Remember these companies sell more than the consumer products you know, they sell sophisticated equipment for businesses, education, and government entities. They often rely on value-added resellers or VARs for short, to do the selling. Compulink is a VAR for many technology companies.

So if you’re looking to buy a complete server solution with all the hardware, software, and extras, you can go to the manufacturer directly. Or you can come to Compulink. You may know how to build your solution and know all the products you want. You also may have no clue what to get, but you know your budget. IF you go directly with a manufacturer, you are likely to pay the highest price, unless they choose to discount the solutions. When you buy from Compulink, you get the lowest prices, because manufacturers and distributors are willing to lower the price. Now we as a VAR do mark the price up after all the discounts, but the margin is low.

So for us to be in the top 500, you may think is easy, but it’s not. There are thousands of solution providers in the US and even more around the world. No matter the price of the sale, the VAR is making the least out of everyone. Also, do, you buy servers and switches every day? No so, there is not a constant pipeline of sales for us. Also, technology is not cheap, and buyers are not quick to pull the trigger. Not to mention Compulink is completely SLED focused. SLED stands for state local and education. We only sell to the city and state of New York and the higher educational institution in the state.

Selling to the government is heavily regulated and prices are controlled. You also can not try to convince government agencies to buy from you, due to many laws. So to make it on this list is no easy feat for Compulink or for any on the companies listed. We are proud of our accomplishment and look forward to being even higher on the list next year.

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