Diving into SD-WAN: Assessing priorities and timing for Implementation


As you prepare to sit with the team and consider adapting to SD-WAN we have one key ask – take inventory. We know there’s an ever-growing number of bandwidth-intensive business critical applications happening – all demanding high reliability and quality of service. When these slow down for – even just a few seconds – employee’s notice and they complain. If a POS terminal doesn’t respond, more often than not a customer is out the door taking their business elsewhere. SD-WAN’s key attributes start with agility and the consistency we’ve all waited for but as with all IT projects and initiatives – preparation is key.

Since one size does not fit all, we promise that taking stock of your current needs in conjunction with the projected growth of your business will ultimately lead you to the best solution that can respond organically and expand fluidly as your needs change.

Start first by identifying the big pieces and requirements to get the most from this epic solution business networking. Get prepared by answering these key questions:
1. How do we do business? How can we improve the way we do business?
2. How many remote business sites do we need to serve? Projected enterprise growth?
3. What’s critical to our network’s success?
4. Is our current need for bandwidth compatible with our budgets?
5. How swiftly can we deploy configuration changes?
6. With the increase in cloud-based apps, are we satisfied with security?
7. As a culture, an organization, are we ready to make a network change?
8. What providers offer the best solutions when development and optimization are equally important?

Stay tuned for strategies on defining the priorities most critical to your business, plus the considerations you need to know when analyzing vendors and designing the solution that’s right for you Converting to SD-WAN is one of the most impactful decisions you can make for your business. Knowledge is power so, the more you know upfront about the needs of your business, its environment and potential, the more productive and successful the transition will be.

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