Email and Web Protection

Email and Web Protection plays a crucial role in success of your company. Compulink protects businesses of all sizes from the latest malware and emerging online threats. Solutions are designed to work together, integrating anti-malware, anti-spyware, and anti-virus software with security management features that reduce risk, improve Internet security, and help businesses achieve operational effectiveness. 


  • Email Protection & Continuity – Spam Filtering, Antivirus, Antimalware, Outbound filtering policies, Message Continuity
  • Email Archiving  Storage, Review, eDiscovery capabilities. Powerful search tool. Meets Industry & Regulatory requirements. Tamperproof, Auditable. Dual Data Centers for redundancy.
  • Web Protection – Blocks malicious web content. Monitors, reports on, enforces your own customized web browsing policies. Pre-set block lists available for management ease.
  • Email Encryption – Send and Receive encrypted emails easily. Support for both in-office and mobile workforces. Prebuilt content rules assist with industry and government regulations
  • Email & Archiving Suite – Email Protection & Continuity plus Archiving
  • Email & Web Suite – Email Protection & Continuity plus Web Protection
  • Email, Archiving & Web Suite  Email Protection & Continuity plus Archiving and Web Protection


Cyber Security Solution Set

Compulink Technologies has forged a proven integrated approach to applying state of the art technologies in the defense against Cyber Terrorism.    We combine three convergent points of skills and expertise fundamental to the struggle to protect critical systems.  These convergent points are best expressed by the following questions:

  • What are the products and services that best protect me? Who can procure and deliver them?
  • How are the products and services used to optimization? Who can install and manage them?
  • How are complex data sets used to build security defenses? Who can manage this Big Data?

We provide consultative support around organizations’, missions, resources, budgets and advanced technologies.  Our mature Cyber Security Framework harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Optimization to strengthen the management of Cyber Security Infrastructures.

 Our Purpose  
  • To strengthen the Management of Cyber Security Infrastructures in order to defend against threats to valuable and critical systems using Cyber Security Best Practices.
  • To guide our clients through the challenges they face when implementing advanced analytic platforms, the complexities of emerging tools and technologies in advanced analytic spaces and the exploration of the worlds of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning using GPUs.
  • To make certain that IT infrastructures are secure and protected through the adoption of standardized metrics which will ensure the integrity of their critical systems.


The Imperatives We Deliver 
  • Crucial resource/policy planning for the successful implementation of smart technologies.
  • Optimization of Analytics, AI, Machine Learning to maximize defensive mechanisms.
  • Proper selection of resources/tools to respond to threats in an ever changing landscape.
  • Assessments with Realistic Views that shatter preconceived external and internal perceptions.


The Tipping Point

Compulink offers a mature Cyber Security Framework that will revolutionize the approach to managing and fulfilling Cyber Security and Risk Management Strategies.  The Five Key Elements of the Cyber Security Framework:  Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover.

  • Identify- resources necessary to support critical functions and address related cyber security dangers and offer through Predictive Analytics and Standardize Scoring, the comprehensive solutions necessary for asset management, governance, risk assessment and management strategies.
  • Protect- through Internal Scoring, assets are enabled to resist malicious cyber activities, data vulnerabilities are proactively assessed and evaluated, and detect and anticipate adversary decisions and activities for prevention.
  • Detect- with a proactive strategy through the visualization of metrics and trends regarding current state cyber operations and applying machine learning techniques for predictive analysis of anomalous activities.
  • Respond- with Engineering Metrics that foster Continuous Improvement discouraging virulent behaviors by measuring an increasing cost to adversaries and increasing risk and uncertainties for potential attackers.
  • Recover- through Compliance Scoring, we deliver scalable strategies for recovery planning, restoration and processes and procedures which deter potential adversaries from performing malicious cyber activities.



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