Microsoft and Apple Frenemies?


Microsoft and Apple have a rivalry in technology that could be compared to Yankees vs Red Sox, Celtics vs Lakers, Muhammed Ali vs Joe Frazier. These two companies have been rivals since their founding. In fact the leadership of the founders of each company, added to the corporate rivalry. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates always went at it in interviews.

Fast forward to today. Steve Jobs has passed, and Bill Gates is in philanthropy. The companies they built are now kind of frenemies. That’s short for friendly enemies. Microsoft is working on improving its Enterprise Office 365 mobile capabilities on Apple’s IOS. Now Microsoft has come to a realization that the future is mobile. They are now working to add enterprise features to its mobile Office 365 apps on IOS.

Microsoft intends to focus its improvements on collaboration, assistive intelligence, and creative tools. Below are a list of feature Microsoft just added.

Mobility: Files support for OneDrive for iOS. Now you can access your 1TB+ Office 365 storage from within Files on your devices, putting all your data within reach (and putting your iCloud storage on a diet at the same time).

Collaboration tools that let you work with other people on Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents in both iOS and Mac.

A creativity enhancing improvement is the introduction of drag-and-drop support for iPads, meaning you can drag content between OneDrive, Office apps, and Files,. OneDrive also gains a new list view.

Intelligent Machines — take a look at some of the company’s recent BETT show announcements to get a sense of how it is adding AI-based assistive features to its Office solutions, even including language translation for collaborative chat.

This is Microsoft’s way of accommodating the modern employee. Today’s employees are using more mobile devices to get their work done. A trend we expect to continue as technology gets more mobile.

It is just interesting to see that two rivals are working together. Since Apple is dominant in the mobile world and Microsoft dominates in office applications, they might just be perfect for each other.


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