Network Project Services


Network Design Project Consulting/Planning/Management Server Virtualization PC Image Development/Deployment Hardware/Software sourcing Storage Growth & ManagementCompulink is a proud partner of the best IT hardware and software providers in the market, and we are happy to offer you special pricing whenever we can. We can help you plan your IT infrastructure projects, source the equipment and software, implement the solution, and provide maintenance when the project is completed. Call us now to learn more about our Network Project Services. Our team will be happy to provide a personalized solution and pricing, or answer any questions you may have. Contact us to discuss your goals with one of our team members. border

Storage Growth & Management

The World is evolving, and technology evolves even faster. To be able to keep track of your data through the years, the storage you need is constantly growing, and requires more and more storage space. We can use the best tools in the industry to help you evaluate your storage needs, and develop a game plan. We can help you to manage your storage needs by simplifying, standardizing and reducing the number of your data centers using solutions tailored to your specific needs.


IT Projects

Sometimes IT projects are complex and don’t fit into the same day to day framework as routine management. Often, you simply don’t know how to organize all of the areas that are affected by a given project, or exactly what you need in order to achieve your goals. Compulink’s engineers and project managers have many years of experience in implementing major projects. Let us help you develop a project plan and deploy your new hardware or software to make the most of your investment.



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