Our Green Commitment

At Compulink, we believe that our future resides in our planet. We truly think that technology and sustainability can be complementary. This is why every day, we do our best to reduce our carbon footprint and act in a responsible way.

If you too want to change things at your office, here are some tips easily doable for a fresh, sustainable start.

664680-green-1390977711-214-640x480The Office

  • Location is everything. If you plan to change your office location, choose one easily accessible by public transportation. It will allow your staff to reduce their car use. In addition, pay attention to the indoor air quality, the paint used and the carpets. Your staff might be sensitive to the chemical inside them.
  • Create a green team. Plan regular meetings to organize and empower the company to follow the Green policy you decided.
  • Use environmentally friendly cleaning products.



  • Do you really need to print this document? If yes, printing it on both sides will still divide your paper use by two. Also, talk with your vendor to understand their printing imperatives. Then work with them to find better sustainable solutions.
  • Replace white paper by recycled one (when possible). Some companies cannot afford to send recycled paper prints to their clients. However, print for in-house work can be done on recycled paper most of the time.
  • Add an environment friendly sentence at the end of your emails. It costs nothing and remembers your contacts that all the emails don’t need to be printed.



  • Recycle, Recycle, Recycle! It is easy and doesn’t cost anything. If you still need to be convinced, here is a fact you cannot ignore: each year, the United States makes enough plastic film to wrap the entire Texas. If we don’t recycle it, it ends in our landfills, meaning in the nature. On the contrary, recycling allows us to save electricity, fuel, gas and water.
  • Always recycle your ink cartridges (Find out where, here: http://www.earth911.com/)




  • Shut down your computer, printers, etc. when you leave at night. Also turn off your computer screen when you leave your desk. Don’t forget to stop the air conditioning and turn lights off at night.
  • Consider replacing you desktop computers by laptops, they are energy savers.



Applying all these tips will help you to work in a greener office but also to save energy (meaning money). It is up to you now to create the environment you want to live in. Be proud of yourself, and start to think Green!

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