Star Wars Day: May The Force Be With You: Our Top 10 Star Wars Tech We Wish Were Real

Star Wars Day

Happy Star Wars Day as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the film that took us to a galaxy far far away. We look at the tech that the film made us nerd over for 40 years. While we have made jumps in technology, we can’t wait for our top 10 Star Wars tech to be real. Enjoy our list, and let us know what your favorite is. For this list we have excluded vehicles, because they are a class of their own. We have also not included force powers.


10-Droids-Whether it’s annoying but lovable C3PO a rambunctious R2D2 or a smart alec sarcastic K2SO we can’t wait till we can all have our own personal droid.

9-Laser Guns– Obviously one of the best things is lasers. From pistols to the Death Star. Without lasers Star Wars wouldn’t be that cool.

8-Hologram Communications-Being able to communicate in holograms would be epic and closer than we think. With Facebook focusing on augmented reality, our phone might be a holo communicator soon. So help us Mark Zuckerberg you’re our only hope.

7-Cybernetics– Another technology we hope becomes fully available soon. Getting cybernetics to replace limbs and organs that we lose would be extremely cool. Just don’t go take a hot lava bath or you’ll end up like Darth Vader.

6-Hyper-drives– Hyper drives lets us go to light speed and use hyperspace. Being able to travel an entire galaxy without it taking centuries would be awesome. We would be able to discover so much. Plus it just look cool every time we see someone engage light-speed.

5-Shields– From shields that protect ships and bases, to one that protects an entire planet. We hope to have shields one day soon.

4-Cloning Technology– Who wouldn’t want to make multiple versions of themselves. Cloning technology might soon be coming. Let promise not to use it for war though.

3-Carbon Freezing– Freezing humans and things in suspended animation would be cool. It might even save lives. If anything it makes a great wall decoration.

2-Jet-packs– Who wouldn’t want a jet-pack like Boba Fett’s. Flying around and doing whatever you want. Please make jet-packs soon.


1-Lightsabers– Who has not grabbed a stick and pretended it was a lightsaber when they were kids. We all want be be cool swing lightsabers and deflecting blaster bolts.



We hope you liked our top ten Star Wars tech we wish were real and remember May The Force Be With You. Happy Star Wars Day.

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