Windows 10 and the Cloud: your cues to refresh

Once upon a time, desktop hardware purchase cycles were simple and rigid. Five-year cycles for hardware were based on the realities of leasing finances and synchronizing with operating system release cycles. Now, simplicity is a thing of the past, and that’s not necessarily bad because it gives CIOs and IT executives a legitimate opportunity to respond to two truly disruptive forces in the industry: Windows 10 and the Cloud technology.… View More

New Media Software and Old Media Workstations?

What you see may or may not be what you get in the new world of corporate video and imaging. The latest generation of modeling and rendering software makes “photo-realistic” seem an inadequate description. The software running on a maxed-out current-generation workstation can create hyper-realistic images with astonishing speed. But what if your department’s budget won’t stretch to the latest hardware for the latest software?

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Productivity and Performance for 2016

Running a business on outdated equipment is often a false economy. Slow and unreliable machines keep capital costs down but staff costs go sky high. Just ask anyone who has killed time making coffee in the 10 minutes it takes their computer to boot in the morning.

A new year is a fresh chance to look at productivity and performance.


Desktops do not get so much of the press these days, but they still do at least 40 percent of the work.… View More

How We Can Help

We provide the best of class tools and practices for ongoing maintenance and support after the implementation is completed. Our clients stay with us because we care enough to understand their needs and meet them every time. Compulink seeks out and partners with only the best of class software, hardware and service providers. Along with our experienced and dedicated sales and service teams, this helps us provide you with the quality and services you will remember.… View More