Ready for 2016: the year of ransomware?

This is shaping up to be the year of ransomware — malicious software that locks up a computer or whole network until a ransom is paid.

It sounds easy: never negotiate with terrorists or other criminals. It’s not so simple, however, as the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center found out after its communications systems were held hostage by ransomware in February. It fought back for 10 days, but after staff at the 434-bed hospital were reduced to pen and paper, the hospital folded and paid about $17,000 to regain access to its system.… View More

The demands of data visualization

The demands of data visualization is on of the critical components in a modern workplace. There are many ways to generate visual insight from a plain text dataset. The humble spreadsheet is the most popular option for everyday knowledge workers. As datasets continue to grow, the ability to gain insight into trends will rely more on visualization, including interactive 2D and 3D charts and models.… View More

WhatsApp Desktop App

Your favorite app just received an upgrade – WhatsApp Desktop App is now available to the users worldwide.

If you have relatives or friends around the world or perhaps you are an international businessman, or if you just like to take your communication to another level, then most likely you use WhatsApp app on your phone or tablet.

Yesterday,  a Facebook owned company WhatsApp announced, they are introducing a desktop app as a new way to stay in touch with the people you are closely connected with.… View More

Largest Financial Agency in NYS

Hi Denise,

I just wanted to say congratulations on the win at one of the largest financial agencies in NYS and thank you for your partnership.  I know you and your team worked tirelessly on it.  This was a great win, and I look forward to many more! Great win team, congratulations!

J.G. – Director.

T. R. – VP Channel.


Congrats on a great win.… View More

Lenovo Think X1

Achieve more with the support of the powerful and flexible new Lenovo Think X1 family.

Lenovo-x1-family-productsThe elegant new Think X1 family of products has been designed for people who expect technology to work as efficiently and flexibly as they do. They are engineered to deliver power and performance without compromise, in every setting.

Whether you’re meeting deadlines at a desk, constantly on the move, making a great impression in a presentation, pushing the boundaries of creativity or simply enjoying some well-earned downtime, the Think X1 family will soon be here to help you achieve more.… View More

Compulink’s Partnership with Red Hat

Red Hat is one of the industry’s leading Open Source contributors. In fact, Red Hat developers contributed to the popular linux platform. Today Red Hat manages a large community of professionals and developers through the Linux Telco Cloud Network that create industry specific solutions.

Recently Red Hat partnered with Compulink Technologies, one of the preferred IT providers in New York empowering us to be able to bring the expertise needed to either build a custom solution for your specific data requirements or to configure a custom open source solution that will integrate into your existing network environment unlocking the potential of your infrastructure.… View More

Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 700

IdeaPad Miix 700

Powered by Intel® Core™ m5 processor






Part #: 80QL0009US


Productivity at an incredible value

Comes standard with a folio keyboard featuring real mechanical keys to give users the benefit of a notebook and tablet—at no extra cost. A digitizer pen also comes standard, enabling users to touch, type, or write onscreen. Using WRITEit, this pen can convert handwriting into digital text in any application.… View More

Lenovo Servers

Breakthrough Value and Unbeatable Performance
Lenovo Servers – the most open and reliable x86 platform in the market.

It’s not a secret that data is growing, and allocating that growing data sometimes could be a problem. Expectations are rising, and the data center is key to getting and staying ahead of these challenges. As an IT decision maker, you have your day already loaded with tons of critical work, that needs to be done in order to keep the company/organization afloat.… View More

Stay productive on the road with a powerful mobile workstation

Working away from your desk doesn’t mean sacrificing desktop performance and features. So what do you need in a mobile workstation to ensure that it meets the needs of professionals on the go?

A mobile workhorse needs the grunt to handle intensive tasks, not only when you’re working on the road, but also to make a great impression working onsite with clients and partners.… View More

Hack the Pentagon

Are you a knowledgeable hacker and you are a citizen of the United States? Then I might have news for you! The United States Department of Defense is inviting pre-approved hackers to hack the pentagon cyber-security walls for cash rewards. – Yes, You heard it right, DOD is offering a cash reward to knowledgable hackers to intrude their system the legal way.
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