What Will Technology Look Like under Donald Trump?

Donald Trump

As we prepare to inaugurate President Elect Donald Trump, a lot of questions surround the field of technology. What will tech look like under Trump? President Obama was one of the most tech friendly presidents in modern times, and he lead the way for a lot of innovation and growth. Now there are some criticisms of that and what these innovations has lead to.View More

Avoiding future tech troubles

Hardware downtime is expensive in almost every modern business. Employees can’t work, and IT staff are engaged in remedial action. Prevention and preparation, as always, are the best cure, and that is the only thing to avoid any future tech troubles.


1. Keep software updated

You don’t need to be an IT expert to know computer problems are more commonly caused by software hiccups than hardware failures.… View More

Technology and Labor

Good morning and Happy Monday, I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!

Today, I would like to talk about Technology and Labor. For many years employers relied on a steady growing labor market to contribute to economy of the country. The labor or workforce is an ultimate power to make progress in human history, and still is the foundation for new generations.… View More

Beyond regulation

The changing nature of healthcare regulations has certainly affected how practices and organizations purchase IT systems, but as these regulatory changes settle, what should you be thinking about when you specify new workstations?


HIPAA is fixed, but Meaningful Use is changing

Privacy protection and security are now baked into any hardware or software for use in healthcare. HIPAA is as much a part of healthcare systems as electrical power.… View More

Strike the right balance with an entry-level workstation

Not everyone needs a powerful workstation to handle day-to-day office tasks, but they still need to get their jobs done. How do you choose the right entry-level workstation to keep costs down without hampering productivity?

These days, just about every employee needs a computer on their desk, whether they’re writing reports, crunching numbers, or handling administrative tasks. Roles like these obviously don’t demand a powerful workstation designed for high-end design or multimedia editing, but saddling employees in other roles with a substandard computer can hurt the business and create IT management headaches.… View More

Cyber Security Tips for Agencies and Businesses

As a nationwide IT provider, we have been asked a lot to provide cyber security tips for agencies and businesses.

Cyber Security Tips

It’s not a secret that you can’t 100% protect yourself from hacking, but you definitely don’t want to be an amateur in this situation either. Whether you are a government agency, hospital, school or a private business; you want to make sure that your critical infrastructure and end-points are protected.… View More

Small & Mid-Sized Business IT Soultions

Small & Mid-Sized Business IT Soultions are one of the growing demands right now.

Small and Mid-Sized Business IT SoultionsAs you know, a lot of e-commerce and mid-sized companies heavily rely on technology, and having an uninterrupted business, is a key ingredient to success of any company. As an IT professional or owner of the business, you should clearly understand what, why, and when would you need a technical support for your network.… View More

Choosing the best data solution for your business

Data Solutions Compulink
Choosing the best data solution for your business

Annual Internet traffic is expected to surpass 88.4 exabytes (that’s almost one billion gigabytes) per month in 2016.

It’s difficult to say how much of this data comes from small businesses, but we do know that as small to medium-sized businesses grow, their data storage requirements do too.

In this article, we’ll review the three main data storage solutions available to modern businesses and equip you with the information you need to decide which approach best suits your needs.… View More

The 5 most important features in a business laptop

The 5 most important features in a business laptop

The modern workforce is increasingly mobile. In fact, IDC estimates that this year there will be 1.3 billion mobile workers worldwide, or 37.2 % of the total workforce.

Mobile workers need easy access to the same technologies as their office-based colleagues – and that means having a laptop that’s powerful, portable and reasonably priced.… View More

Google Service

Project Fi Compulink Technologies blogIt’s a new Google service. Have you ever thought about having your cellular provider to give you a better signal connection? Perhaps you take a train and hate dropping a call while you underground? Well, I don’t want to make it a sales pitch, but I’ve got really good news for you!

Google is one step closer to provide a new service worldwide, it’s called – “Project Fi“.… View More