Top Super Bowl Commercials of 2018

Hope you enjoyed this years Super Bowl, and congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles the Super Bowl champions. While we had another great game to watch. As is tradition, we have many great commercials to watch as well. Naturally like most office around the world, we talked about the commercials we like the most this year.

5. Alexa Loses Her Voice- Amazon made a great ad with the celebrities they used to replaced the Alexa AI voice. All though a few of them made things weird.

4. New York Giants Dirty Dancing. The NFL is going to allow touchdown dancing, and there was no better way to show it than with Eli Manning and Odell Beckham dirty dancing.

3. Dodge Ram and Vikings. Who didn’t laugh at Minnesota fans and their sadness with the Dodge commercial that show a truck load of actual viking heading for the game to then turn back.

2. Morgan Freeman vs Peter Dinklage Fire and Ice Lip Sync Battle. Two of the most beloved actors of our time lip sync battle to rap. It was just amazing.

1. Tide everywhere. Tide made the best commercials for this year’s Super Bowl. Parodying all the traditional types of commercial you normally see.It was even better when to parodied the old Old Spice commercials with the original actor.


Below are a few winners for some heartwarming and meaningful commercials that were aired.

Hyundai Hopes Ad- Hyundai had one ad with Steven Tyler, but the ad that stood out more was the one about support childhood cancer treatment. That was a very heartwarming ad.

Budweiser Water Ad- Budweiser made a very heartfelt ad with the way it showed one brewery preparing canned water to send to people raved by hurricanes. A very heartwarming break from their usual Super Bowl Ads.

Stella Water Ad- Not to be out done. Matt Damon did a nice ad to show how Stella is working to help the developing world get better access to clean water.

These were the best ads from Super Bowl 52. We hope you enjoyed the ads and the game, and on behalf of Compulink Technologies, congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles.

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