Top Ten Christmas Movies In The Office

Every now and again here at Compulink, we take a poll of the staff on something fun and share it with you. We decided to poll everyone on their favorite Christmas movies. Below is a list of the top ten Christmas movies of the Compulink team. We hope you enjoy the movies and this list as much as we do. 

10. Jingle all the way- Nothing is better than see the big bad Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger in a Christmas comedy trying to buy one toy for his son. Just Remember not to touch his cookies 

9. Die Hard- An office favorite and hotly debated Christmas movie. For this poll we will count it as one. Nothing like a holiday hold up in a bank and Bruce Willis giving the gift of bullets

8. Scrooged- A new take on the classic Christmas carol by Charles Dickens. Bill Murray Plays a TV executive who need a little holiday cheer.

7. The Nightmare Before Christmas- The Tim Burton classic was a childhood favorite of the majority of the staff

6. A Christmas Story- We all remember being kids and wanting a toy so bad. We remember adults telling us how bad so of the toys we wanted were. We have all lived A Christmas Story in a way.

5. The Santa Clause- Who knew being Santa was legally binding. Another childhood favorite of most of the staff is the movie about some average Joe become jolly Saint Nick.

4. Dr. Susses’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas- The Live action movie that bought everyone’s favorite holiday monster and child story book to life. A popular one among the team.

3. Elf- Still popular and watched by most in the office Elf is just another classic Christmas movie and Will Ferrell Masterpiece. It proves adults can have a lot of Christmas spirit.

2. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation- The movie that proves the holidays with family can be quite the crazy affair. Also who in the world does not agree with Clark Griswold’s anti boss rant. This movie make us the Jolliest you know what this side of the nut house.

1.Home Alone- This classic was voted the favorite by majority of the team hear. A kid who tortures two adult men with painful traps. Never stops putting smiles on our faces. Just be careful when you open the door

.A few honorable mentions. Movies such as It’s a Wonderful life and Miracle on 34th street missed the cut. Not to many people grew up on those outside management.Hope you enjoyed the list and from our family to your Happy Holidays.

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