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Click here for the letter from our President and CEO, Rafael Arboleda.

About UsWho We Are

Compulink Technologies Inc. is a leading industry provider of IT Procurement and Solutions,  and Network, Cloud and Managed Services.  As a Certified Minority Owned Business for over 30 years, we have a proven track record of credibility and efficiency, in serving the public and private sectors nationally.  In addition to the private sector, we serve government agencies, authorities, municipalities, and educational institutions by providing total life cycle services of technology products. Our Sales and Tech teams are fully equipped to execute superior services as we hold valid Manufacturers’ Certifications and are continually applying industry state of the art and best practices knowledge and expertise to our assignments. Compulink assists and guides our clients in identifying and solving both simple and complex IT issues, utilizing innovative techniques and leading edge technologies.   Our expert engineers are available every day, to offer our clients personalized and targeted advice and service.

Compulink TechnologiesWhat We Do

Compulink Technologies has been bringing aggressive technology solutions to businesses and Government agencies across the nation since 1986. We take great pride in our long list of satisfied customers and in the many long-standing relationships we have developed over the years. Because we take a collaborative approach with our clients, and since every client is different, Compulink employs a nimble, innovative approach to problem solving. Whether developing a cutting-edge solution or building a rock-solid tried and true network infrastructure, we meet our clients’ needs by working side by side with them throughout the total lifecycle, from concept to design to implementation and  maintenance.


Compulink Technologies

How We Can Help

We provide the best of class tools and practices for ongoing maintenance and support after the implementation is completed.  As an MWBE we take pride in assisting our clients in fulfilling their diversity objectives.  Our clients stay with us because we care enough to understand their needs and meet them every time. Compulink seeks out and partners with only the best of class software, hardware and service providers (Learn About Our Partners). Along with our experienced and dedicated sales and service teams, this helps us provide you with the quality of service you will remember.   Our teams will help you manage the total Technology Lifecycle.  We can manage your infrastructure and applications with secure solutions that allow your staff the time to concentrate and focus on strategies to enable growth.


Image result for pic of company cultureOur Culture

Business Philosophy – Absolute Quality is the foundation of our Business Philosophy. We diligently practice continuous adjustment and improvement in people, services and processes until excellent performance is consistently achieved with perfection as an end goal.

Core Values – Our shared set of values are deep rooted into one word, Integrity. We believe in honesty in all interactions, openness in all communications and the sharing of all knowledge.  These beliefs unite the Compulink staff into a cohesive team and propagates the trustworthiness that is essential to our reputation.  We proudly apply these values in all our work, relationships and aspirations.

Customer Care Philosophy – The ultimate expression of caring is devotion. With full recognition of the importance which our Customers’ hold, Compulink prides itself in devoting beyond expectations, the time, energy and resources necessary to deliver the ultimate customer experience.

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Employee Care Philosophy – It is our belief that Compulink’s greatest asset is our employees. With our practice and expression of complete respect for the individual, our team performs harmoniously thus creating a rewarding quality of work life and an atmosphere of excellence.



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Our Value Proposition

Through our deep Client relationships, Compulink is able to discover the true needs of our clients through our knowledge of the technology landscape, our partner roots, and our ability to execute throughout the sales cycle.  We enable our clients to reach high-performance levels by providing timely technology intelligence and delivering with consistency and reliability.  Compulink is a certified MBE, committed to helping organizations fulfill their diversity objectives.



WImage result for pic of company culturehat Sets Us Apart

31 Years of Integrity – is a testament to our core belief that every client deserves technology solutions to meet their needs, increase success, and reduce cost. They also deserve a company they can trust to be upfront and honest with them throughout the relationship. Our clients appreciate the Integrity that Compulink brings to each engagement.

Our Dedicated Staff – develops bonding relationships with each of our clients to understand and fulfill their needs and aspirations. With complete dedication, our teams provide unwavering support and quality service at every level of the relationship. Being a small and dynamic IT firm, allows us to connect with clients and provide the best service possible by becoming intimately involved with both short term and long term needs and requirement

Our Quality Service – the entire Compulink Team promotes our Absolute Quality practice with every engagement and transaction and service we provide to our clients. We provide a personalized experience for our clients and strive to promote continuous improvement in the delivery of our services.


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Compulink Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

At Compulink, our clients are our priority. We think that you shouldn’t need to earn a degree in IT in order to understand what you are buying from us. This is why we do our best every day to make technology simple. We strive to provide you with the best products and services on the market for the best price and with the maximum simplicity.

Compulink Green Commitment

Our Green Commitment

We believe that our future resides in our planet. We truly think that technology and sustainability can be complementary. This is why every day, we do our best to reduce our carbon footprint and act in a responsible way. If you too want to change things at your office, Click here to view some tips easily doable for a fresh, sustainable start.

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