Life in the cloud never felt so plush. Here’s six examples of how Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) can improve the virtual, the material and more in your business:

1. Simplicity – SD-WAN can easily create a hybrid WAN that combines multiple connectivity points – including MPLS, mobile, and broadband paths- to provide logical, virtualized paths that can dynamically adapt to network conditions

2. Performance – Streamline and optimize app experience and quality of service for your users – wherever they are located

3. Efficiency – Unify network connections to reduce WAN costs and scaled capacity, integrating lower-priced broadband, mobile or satellite connections into an existing MPLS network – or build a high-quality WAN with a mix of services

4. Flexibility – Maintain high performance for business-critical applications – even when a network link fails

5. Security – Secure data across the WAN and to the cloud with strong encryption, application-level security policies and data segmentation

6. Control – Implement with clarity, because no use case is the same and each business has a unique list of priorities, SD-WAN is customizable and adaptable to roll-outs

Stay tuned for strategies on defining the priorities most critical to your business, plus the considerations you need to know when analyzing vendors and designing the solution that’s right for you.

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