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The COVID-19 Pandemic has been on a rapid spread across the globe and affected widespread populations. Every day we have heard about increasing populations of individuals and families affected by the Coronavirus. This pandemic has had debilitating effects on the market, both small and large sized businesses, public health and all walks of life. 

In recent weeks, as the number of COVID-19 cases have decreased, the social distancing orders have begun to loosen up.  While we all strive for a sense of normalcy in our everyday life, it is crucial that we find ways to maintain business health without compromising public health and the health of individuals. Here are a few tips on how you can maintain business continuity during these times:

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Before even considering operations, we have to take into consideration that business will be slow for the foreseeable future. Multiple industries are affected because consumer spending has drastically reduced all around and unemployment has been on the rise. So for the long term survival of your organization, you should explore different business loan resources the government has put in place for potential damages the pandemic may have on businesses.

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Work Remote

If you and your teammates are able to move your workload to working remote, then this is a vital consideration. Reducing the commute and physical interaction of staff members can better remedy the spread. Additionally, if your entire staff is infected and out sick, that affects your entire operational capabilities.  As businesses reopen, evaluate the occupancy limit of your office space and aim for alternating office days for your teammates or have some of your teammates work remote.  A healthy balance between remote and on-premise workload can help keep productivity high while also helping to reduce the infection rates within your team.


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Invest in Digital Marketing

The COVID19 Pandemic may cause a decrease in physical interaction and consumption, but there is an increase of digital engagements all throughout. As people work remote and stay home, they are on their computers longer. Additionally, current events today is consumed from social media feeds. Know who your ideal audience is for your business services/products and invest in content to target them. While short term purchasing may be slow, thought leadership in the long run can help you come out strong and build a strong relationship with your audience. However, when it comes to digital marketing, be sure to know what your specific goals are and closely monitor the expenses of the advertising next to the goals.

Move to the Cloud


As an IT Vendor, we can not encourage this enough. Have your data backed up into the cloud with the proper security measures (Multi-Factor Authentication tools.) Cloud-based tools can keep an organization remote-enabled and hybrid.  So when there are emergencies such as a stay-at-home order during a pandemic, the organization can become remote-enabled with much more ease.

Cloud technology is more than just storage in an off-premise datacenter.  Cloud-based technology also comprises of communications, and service management tools that can be easily accessed away from the premises.


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Business and operational continuity during the pandemic can prove challenging, since there are many setbacks in overall production to scale back infection rates.  Additionally, many business operations and interactions have migrated to virtual methods.  It is important that management and IT teams in different types of organizations work together on ensuring that the team as a whole are adapting well to the new normal.

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