So the annual Consumer Electronic Show will take place in Las Vegas Nevada, and there are some very impressive products that will be on display. We choose 5 of the best that we think will make a big splash in 2017. So make sure you keep a lookout for these products.

Kurri Robot Nanny from Mayfield Robotics-This little robot will act as your in home monitor and security system. It will roam your house and keep an eye on kids, pets, and everything else. It is due to go on sale this year for $700.

Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT- This is a new flash drive that will carry 2 TB of memory space. There is no price but it will be on sale sometime this year. A perfect little flash drive that can hold more than most hard drives.

Lenovo Miix 720- Is a 12-inch Windows 10 tablet with a keyboard dock, much like Microsoft’s Surface Pro series. Another tablet that looks to replace the laptop, and may be more affordable than the Microsoft Surface Pro with a price at $999.

Moen’s new smart shower- Is an app that you can use to set the perfect temperature and shower duration in advance. You can do it from your smartphone or other devices. Next there will be an app that runs a bath for you before you decide to take one.

Asus VivoPC X- Is a fully-fledged desktop gaming PC that’s VR-ready and smaller than most games consoles. The days of making room on your desk for those goliath towers are gone. It is a great sized desktop gaming PC and is priced at $799. This is a great deal in many ways.

There are many other innovations that will make a splash in 2017 like Lenovo’s Smart Assistant, The Kerastase Hair Coach, Lego Boost, and more. Look for 4K HD T.V.s to become the new standard. Also companies are build new tech to serve their customers like Carnival’s medallion, which serves as an all access pass. It will allow you to enter and exit the ship and your room, and will be used to make purchases. Keep an eye on the CES to see what else will be coming in 2017 and beyond.

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