Hardware Neural Networks Is it the future
November 29, 2017

If you are a computer science nerd you might have read an article on Science Daily about how researchers learned how to write any magnetic code on nano wires. If you haven’t you should check out the article. Click the link here https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/11/171120141501.htm For all those regular people who are probably ready to tune out this ...

Google Glass Makes a Comeback in Enterprises
November 1, 2017

Do you even remember Google Glass? Didn’t think do. It was Google’s first attempt at augmented reality. A small thing you attached to a pair of glasses and goggles. It lost support in the consumer market. However, now it is making a comeback in the Enterprise market. Some of the biggest companies have adopted a ...

Compulink Technologies Recognized by Ingram Micro and HP Inc
October 20, 2017

Food and Wine Festival. Thank you to Ingram Micro and HP Inc as our valued partners who also played a key role in this success. Thank you to all the customers who came to Compulink for their printing needs. A special thank you to the sales team that worked diligently under Denise’s guidance. HP Inc is ...

HPE and Intel Bring You a New-Generation Compute Experience
September 25, 2017

As more and more businesses adopt the cloud, they are finding that the cloud is lacking in security, compliance, and application performance. Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel are teaming up to tackle these challenges with hybrid IT driven by HPE Gen10 servers. What is hybrid IT? It is a mix of both on premises and off premises ...

Understanding the Complicated World of The Cloud
June 14, 2017

Now you probably heard a lot about cloud services and cloud solutions, and how they can benefit your company. You probably heard about private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions. Have no fear Compulink Technologies is here to clear up the noise and break cloud services into simple understanding. Hopefully, this will help you be more ...

What is the Future of Smart Cities?
June 2, 2017

In a recent interview, the CIO of Boston Jascha Franklin-Hodge said in regard to smart cities in an interview with Gov Tech “We’re always a little wary of that term ‘smart cities’ in part because it tends to be so tech-focused and so often very vendor-driven,” So what would a smart city actually look like and what ...

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