Spotify to Release Some Albums to its Paid Subscribers: Even Music is Getting More Exclusive
March 17, 2017

Spotify the world number one music streaming service is going to offer select new albums releases to their paid subscribers. This is due to two major reasons, one is Spotify is looking to become a publicly traded company. So they want to see their IPO do well. The second reason is that we are seeing ...

Disney is Looking to AI to innovate its Parks: These are the droids we’re looking for
March 16, 2017

Disney is attempting to innovate the experience we have when we go to Disney parks. They are looking into building AI robots of Disney characters to roam around their parks and interact with people. With Disney acquiring Lucasfilm and thereby Star Wars years ago, and the growth of AI capabilities, this seems like a great ...

NYC Sues Verizon for Taking To Long to Bring Us FIOS
March 15, 2017

In 2008 New York City signed a contract with Verizon, to give all household in the NYC area access to its Fiber-Optic service. The original completion date was suppose to be 2014. Now three years past the due date, New York City officials have had enough. They have filed a lawsuit against Verizon for breach ...

WikiLeaks Shows CIA Hacking Capabilities: It’s not surprising but it is scary
March 8, 2017

So WikiLeaks through a massive bombshell into a powder keg with releasing documents that showed how the CIA can hack anything really. It does not surprise me, but it does scare the hell out of me. We already have the NSA monitoring U.S citizens on electronic devices. Now the CIA is doing it. What is ...

IBM is Working on Quantum Computing For Business: Read About It
March 6, 2017

IBM is working on quantum computing for businesses, and while it seems like this is something out of a science fiction movie, it is quite real. If you try to learn quantum computing, don’t bother. The world’s leading physicist won’t be able to fully explain to you what it is. You just have to know ...

Review and Reaction to Gigaom Report on How Enterprises Can Be Successful with the Public Cloud
March 1, 2017

Do you use a public cloud? Are you considering using the public cloud for your enterprise? For any business enterprises regardless of size and scope, you should really read this report by Gigaom. The often have helpful information about the world of technology for business and enterprise. So they published a report on how enterprise ...

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