An article in Forbes outlines some tech news that businesses might want to be aware of going forward. These tech topics can apply to make different business regardless of size and scope. We also recommend that you read the article to get more information.

Credit Card theft keeps rising

Today most businesses have an online sales component, whether or not they have a brick and mortar store. Online credit card theft continues to plague business of all kinds. The chip was supposed to curb that, but thieves found a way around it. It is essential that you do all you can to protect credit card information.

Cisco new product can create Digital Buildings

Cisco has launched the Cisco Catalyst Digital Building Switch Series. This product allows you to control building functions like lighting, heat, air conditioning, and more from a secure system. This can help you cut your energy cost. Make sure an empty office does not have lights on if no one is in that day. This is useful for companies that control an entire building.

A British online grocer is developing a robotic arm that won’t bruise bananas

Eventually, grocery shopping will be automated and online. One disadvantage mechanized grocery stores face is the handling of sensitive foods. You don’t want to buy bananas that are bruised or eggs that are broken. This robotic arm that can handle sensitive food items, may push the automation of supermarkets to the next level.

Dropbox is now working everywhere

Dropbox now works across Windows and Mac and has developed a feature similar to google drive. This collaboration and file sharing tool is a great option for small companies who can’t invest in large infrastructure.

Starbucks launches voice ordering

Starbucks will now let you voice order your order through its app. Hopefully, the app does not get your name wrong. This is a good idea for any restaurant or food chain business that can invest in a mobile app. Just open the app and say your order and pick it up when it’s done. Let’s see how much people use this feature.

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