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COVID19 has caught us all by surprise and has had devastating impact on the economy, the public healthcare system, and millions of families. The rapidly contagious nature of the coronavirus has caused millions to practice social distancing and stay at home.

As people are spending more of their time inside at home including for remote work, there has been less consumption of transportation leading to one unexpected beneficiary of the COVID19 pandemic: the environment. In China, the average number of “good quality air days” has increased by 21.5% in February compared to the same time period last year. According to The Guardian, pollution levels in China, South Korea, Italy, and the United Kingdom are drastically lower this year than last year. The shutdown of industrial operations and transportation resources led to less CO2 emissions, and an overall improved air quality.

The Catch

It is unknown when the COVID19 Pandemic will slow down globally and come to an end for us to have a sense of normalcy again. But whenever that day comes, the usage of transportation will go up again and we will see the air quality back to its state before the pandemic. While in this scenario, COVID19 Pandemic is indeed great news, the state of the environment is something we ought to consider as well.

How IT Can Help

It is inevitable that many industrial operations and in-person businesses such as food service will resume. However, there are businesses and organizations that can take many of their roles into remote work. If millions of employees begin to work remote, that would lead to less operational costs for the physical work space and in turn, less people would use transportation.

While this is all a conversation for a time in the future, there are steps companies and organizations that are currently social distancing through remote work can take. Here are some things to consider for management currently:

  • Remote Productivity should be high. Equal to or more than when in the office
  • Reporting and task management protocols should be optimal and convenient for both the management and the employees
  • The necessary IT infrastructure is in place for remote productivity to be high.

If you would like to learn more about remote productivity and infrastructure for your office, click on the image below.

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