Compulink VP Educates Audience On Government Business Best Practices

Denise Arboleda, the Vice President of Sales in Compulink Technologies, gave a small presentation on August 29th 2019 about how to do business with the New York City Government. The audience was an audience of small latino-owned businesses in an event hosted by InQmatic in Jackson Heights, Queens. To make the information easily accessible, Denise translated her presentation to Spanish.

In the presentation Denise covered subjects such as how to navigate the city process of bidding, understanding your competition within your specific business commodity, remaining compliant with city rules, and the nuances of pricing. After 30 years of business with the New York City government, Compulink Technologies has an abundance of experience as a procurement resource for the New York City government.

Celebrating Compulink-Cisco Partnership!

The Compulink Technologies Team is celebrating its partnership with Cisco Systems! The Compulink-Cisco duo has successfully enabled NY SLED Agencies to empower and upgrade their network infrastructure! The Compulink Procurement Team has proven to be successful with Cisco sales because of a notable characteristic: the team commits to the client beyond the initial deal.

Both Compulink Technologies and Cisco Systems have a culture of commitment to client success. Both have collaborated to combine their efforts to maintain the Cisco IT Infrastructure of New York SLED Agencies. According to Nirav Sheth, Cisco Vice President of Partner Solutions, architectures and engineering: “Certainly partners who embrace that [committing to client after the deal] are growing faster and are far more profitable.”

This dynamic duo has a track record of large projects. For example, in the mid-2000s, Compulink engineered an entire solution for New York State Metropolitan Transportation Authority that provided GPS capabilities on all buses. To customize this solution for the client, Compulink provided appropriate products from Cisco Systems and other manufacturer partners.

As these two businesses grow, so does the IT Infrastructure of the government sector. These two companies have advanced and refreshed the network infrastructure of multiple government agencies and continue to do so! Over the past year, Compulink Technologies has grown tremendously via Cisco sales and we would like to thank our representatives in Cisco for such tremendous support!

Cisco To Use AI/ML To Advance Network And Simplify Workflow

In Cisco Live 2019, CEO Chuck Robbins discussed the complexity of IT for most businesses. As technology advances, IT management has become more complex even while staff headcount remained the same. In this complicated IT environment, the staff needs to operate faster than ever while remaining short-staffed.

In response to this trend Cisco has been increasing adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Cisco’s AI/ML analyes network data provides IT teams with the following:

  • Improved Visibility: When the IT environment changes via new IoT mechanisms, and BYOD, the IT team can monitor and manage it via a dashboard.
  • Insights: Cisco collects data from its customer database. Cisco then uses AI to establish intelligent analyses. This data can provide trends on where network infrastructures can commonly be improved so they can be quickly fixed and preventive measures can be taken.
  • Fast-Track Resolutions: Machine learning automates workflows to troubleshoot steps that would be used to resolve an issue. This enables engineers to detect issues and vulnerabilities and correct these issues quicker than ever.

These are exciting advancements made by Cisco to improve the networking experience of end-users. It will be interesting to observe further advancements made with Cisco AI/ML to boost network infrastructure.

NYC Comptroller Concerned About NonProfit Funding Process

Comptroller Scott Stringer expressed concern in a recent round-table with Community Board 5 about the lack of effective funding process for nonprofit organizations.

During the roundtable, which hosted local legislators, education advocates, community organizers etc, there was a length of discussion centered around nonprofit funding. The general concern was that while funding support was available for nonprofit organizations, it takes an extensive amount of time for the funds to reach the organizations themselves.

“Why is the city giving a good nonprofit money and then they don’t get the money two years? And then they have to take out loans against the money. It’s called the procurement process,” he said.

“I want a new more transparent procurement process. I want the mayor’s office of contracts to own up to the fact that they are too slow, too outdated and we are jeopardizing a lot of these nonprofit organizations,” Stringer said.

This content was based on this article.

Compulink Speaks About Client’s Tech Success

Danielle Arboleda, Director of Operations for Compulink Technologies, recently spoke at Ingram Micro’s TrustX Alliance Conference. She was asked to speak about Compulink’s involvement and experience with the Sales Advance Program created by Ingram Micro. Compulink Technologies has been a top partner of Ingram Micro for twenty years.

Danielle took this opportunity to speak to an audience of Ingram Micro Business Partners and leading IT manufacturers about committing to client success in the sales cycle and the benefits of the Sales Advance Program. Danielle spoke about having a junior team and the importance of growth together with shared experience; the benefits of Sales Advance and learning how to do strategic prospecting; and the excitement behind learning new best practices as well as using a growing sales partner network.

Danielle was able to successfully convey the Compulink Culture to the attendants of the events both in the stage and through networking. Through these exchanges, businesses are able to thrive together thanks to Ingram Micro’s collaborative initiative of sponsoring this event.

Crime Data That Can Be Misleading

A recent NY Times article discussed the influence of apps that provide crime alerts on social biases. The apps in discussion: Nextdoor, Citizen, and Neighbors give notification of crime updates in the local area. If one were to use these apps they would be receiving constant alerts about crimes, leading to a bias of perceiving the neighborhood as intrinsically dangerous.

The apps providing such data leads to the questions surrounding the data. For example, the app called Neighbors, sponsored by Amazon, lets users know about where there has been crime nearby for the past 30 days.

The broader takeaway here is to evaluate the broader context of statistical data. For example, in the Neighbors app, when the writer evaluated the statistics of crime for the previous day alone, the crime reduces and there was a nuanced view of daily crime rates.

In the times of information technology, access to accurate data is abundant! However, the reader of said data needs to understand the broader context of this information to make the appropriately draw conclusions about trends and such.

Compulink Technologies is an MBE Certified Firm that has been bringing top-notch IT Service solutions to businesses and government agencies across the nation since 1986.

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