Reaction to Massive Global Ransomware Attack: We don’t Wanna Cry

So an ambitious hacker used the Wikileaks documents that showed how spy agencies could hack anything at any time to carry out a global ransomware attack. As a result, millions of people, and lots of businesses, hospitals, airports, airlines, mass transit agencies and more were victimized. They were held hostage for money by the ransomware Wanna Cry. We still don’t know what the fallout is, but never the less it was almost a technological apocalypse. If it wasn’t for the quick-thinking of a 22-year-old cybersecurity analyst, who knows what would have happened?

How Wanna Cry works

Wanna Cry and Ransomware work by simply locking your computer files and demanding you pay to get them open. If your computer holds essential information for yourself or business, it’s got you. It gets into your computer by downloading malicious files from the internet. So be careful what you are downloading. It just takes one person to create the vulnerability. Regardless of what cyber security software you have. Basically, if you get a popup warning about a file, and you don’t trust the source, don’t allow it to download. It just takes one person to authorize the download and it circumvents the security.

What to do if you’re infected

Reset your PC to factory settings or to a backup setting. If you have a backup setting on your PC that allows you to set it back to a specific day and time, use it. If not, or if that doesn’t work, go nuclear. Reset it to factory settings and delete all files. Hopefully, you have a backup hard drive or you saved the important documents on the cloud like google drive. If this PC is for work, hopefully, your IT department has something for backup and recovery. If they don’t, they need to buy something for future incidents.

Reactions to the attack.

It was a massive and ambitious attack. Thankfully it was thwarted, but that doesn’t mean people got away unaffected. Hospitals had to turn away patients, this alone should show the gravity of the situation. Things we rely on everyday to just be there and work, and we don’t bother to understand why and how, were not working.  The scale of the attack is what is most frightening. Someone did this across multiple countries. There never has been something like that before.

Reactions to NSA leaked documents

This started because the hacker/s read the leaked documents from the NSA on Wikileaks and decided to act on the vulnerabilities it spotted. Now begins the debate. Should the NSA and spy agencies have that knowledge? Should they have shared it with tech companies to patch their products and solve the vulnerabilities? Can spy agencies keep knowledge like this completely safe? What gives them the right to collect this information? What else could the leaked documents be used for? There needs to be a serious discussion over this, however for the United States, it will be on the back burner of the administration.

Reaction to the State of Cyber Security and Cyber Terrorism

Back in the 1950s there used to be nuclear bomb drills, as if hiding under a desk would ever save you. Now in the digital age we do nothing to train people on how to prevent and react to cyber attacks. Your cyber security is as strong as your weakest link. Which is often and employee ignorant of cyber threats. You can have the most expensive cyber security software and people, but that one person who thinks they actually won a free cruise clicks the email, it’s game over. So we need to train non-IT people to be better at preventing cyber threats. That will actually do some good. Cyber terrorism is growing and the cyber security industry is trying to keep up. But giving the average person the skill set to prevent attacks with knowledge and good judgment will carry far.

Compulink Technologies and CEO Rafael Arboleda Recognized as a MBE Success Story

On April 13th 2017, Compulink Technologies’  CEO and Founder Raphael Arboleda gave a speech at the New York Empire State Development Minority and Woman Owned Business Regional Expo at Lehman College. Mr. Arboleda was asked to speak about using his New York State Minority Owned Business Certification to create a successful company. Compulink Technologies has been in business for 30 years and has become one of the most preferred vendors for the city and state of New York.  The New York State Empire State Development agency has recognized both Compulink and Mr. Arboleda as on of the most successful MBE certified businesses within the entire state.

In his speech Mr. Arboleda talked about how tough it is to do business with the government. As Mr Arboleda said ” doing business with the government takes time, patience and determination. You are never going to get every opportunity you compete for, and you will lose more than you win. The key is to keep trying and to keep learning. “

Congratulations to our CEO Rafael Arboleda who’s leadership and determination have made Compulink Technologies a major success today. Thank You to New York Empire State Development for acknowledging Compulink’s and Mr. Arboleda’s success, and for all the tools and resource you provide to help businesses succeed. Thank you to all the agencies that we have done business with, it has been a pleasure to serve you. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you. Lastly thank you to the employees past and present who contributed to Compulink’s success, and who keep the company going everyday.

Monthly Update
Weekly Update

In recent weeks Compulink has made several major deals for a significant amount and many countless small deals. Our sales team is dedicated and hard working. We are thankful for our sales team for closing so many major deals, and continuing to work hard. Thank you to our technology partners who help us make so many big deals, your help continues to bring us a lot of success.

We made two new hire in the month of March for our sales team. They have been great additions to our company and have picked up the job quickly. We are continuing to develop their skills, but they are showing great growth.

Time for Interns

We have begun looking for interns for the summer so if you know a college kid looking for a summer job, that can provide a good experience, send them our way.

Trumps Policies Can have Negative Effect on Tech

We all know about Trump and his anti-immigration and anti-trade policies, and how popular the are with his supporters. They also are likely to have a negative on the technology industry in many different ways. The technology industry is a global one, and it may be one of the few industries that truly rely on a global economy and free trade. The top tech companies gather resources and talent from all over the world. Trumps threat to put tariffs on products not made in the USA will do multiple things like raise prices to consumer, spark a trade war for resources, negatively affect other countries economies, and more.

Tech companies use vast amount of resources to build their technology, and these resources come from all over the world. A company might build the parts of a computer separately in multiple factories all over the world. Certain parts like, processors and chips require certain materials not found in the U.S, or it is very hard to get them. So it is easier for them to have a factory where they get those resources. After all the individual parts are built, they put the final product together in another factory. Then they ship it to the U.S, and sell it to vendors and individuals.

If companies base their manufacturing in the U.S it will provide many jobs, but they won’t pay or do as well, if it sparks a trade war. If Trump puts tariffs on goods from overseas, countries like China will retaliate. Why could this be a problem? Selling products in the U.S is a market of about 500 million, and you market share shrinks depending on the competition. China has a potential market of over a billion. They are the biggest consumer of American goods. If they block our products in their country, it will hurt us a lot more. It also brings down other countries economies, and then they can’t afford our goods.

The most important thing in this whole equation is that, either way it could raise the cost of technology for consumers, businesses, and vendors a like. The consumer will carry most of the burden. This is not to advocate against bring manufacturing jobs, but to talk about how this can affect the technology industry.

Hopefully there is a way for everyone to benefit if Tech manufacturing does come back to the U.S. If the tech companies and Trump can find a way to make this all possible, it could help everyone. As an IT consulting firm, we often act as a reseller, we help clients buy all the tech they need for their problem or project. This works when companies can be flexible with prices. We hope Trump can solve this, so we can continue to grow as a company.

Read more about it. Click here

Microsoft Won’t Change Automatic Updates

We all know the feeling of being in the middle of something and then windows all of a suddenly updates, and you are not able to save your work. Microsoft has had the automatic updates feature on many versions of windows. There are many people who know exactly how that feels and how frustrating that is. Microsoft has decided to not change that problem, despite its user base asking for them to do so. Many of us use windows at work or at home, and this gets frustrating very quickly. The frustration is mounting and the fact that Microsoft does not appear to want to fix it, is odd. It is marketing 101 to address problems your customers are having. This is bad for Microsoft’s brand, and could partly explain why people switch of windows. 

As a personal example, I was working on a big marketing project once, when an automatic update had started. I lost all my progress from the start and it set me back days to put my project together. The worst part was that the update took a long time. I was using a computer at work to do my project for work. The update started, but after an hour was not making progress. That was because the network administrator for my job had to do things to allow the update. I lost valuable work and time because of these automatic updates.

Feel free to tell us how you feel about this. So many windows users are starting to get frustrated with this feature. It is very odd that this common problem is not being addressed. If Microsoft keeps wondering why more users switch to Macs or to other operating systems. This can be a contributing factor. It shouldn’t be that hard to fix, allow people to update windows when they want to.  Hopefully Microsoft gets the message.

Compulink Technologies is an MBE Certified Firm that has been bringing top-notch IT Service solutions to businesses and government agencies across the nation since 1986.

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