Cisco continues to innovate it the area of the Internet of Things (IoT), and now they are launching products to help design smart buildings. Every thing in a building can now be interconnected through your network. You can automate things from elevators, ventilation, security, sensors, and more. This is a new cost effective way to manage the ecosystem of any office building or hotel. Not to sure if it can be applied to private residences, because of laws around privacy and tenant rights. Lets try to draw a picture of how this can work.

If you work in a building that requires a security badge, that badge can be your all access key to the areas you are permitted to go. Everything from the security turnstile to your office door could use sensors to unlock. You won’t even have to press elevator buttons to go to your office, the sensors will pick up your badge.

As to what this will look like from an infrastructure point of view. All essential infrastructure will work together to keep building safe and secure. Your hvac system will be connected and will work together to keep the building at a comfortable temperature for people, while making sure pipes don’t freeze, and server rooms stay cool. If you have an area that needs to be ventilated, sensors will handle that automatically. If a fire happens in one area, the entire sprinkler system does not need to go off, just that area, and the area the fire spreads to.

All these systems come together in one platform, and they help feed data back to make the building more efficient and more people friendly. You can adjust the energy output in your building to cut cost. This provides countless benefits to the end user. This is going to become a basic in building infrastructure going forward.

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