A recent NY Times article discussed the influence of apps that provide crime alerts on social biases. The apps in discussion: Nextdoor, Citizen, and Neighbors give notification of crime updates in the local area. If one were to use these apps they would be receiving constant alerts about crimes, leading to a bias of perceiving the neighborhood as intrinsically dangerous.

The apps providing such data leads to the questions surrounding the data. For example, the app called Neighbors, sponsored by Amazon, lets users know about where there has been crime nearby for the past 30 days.

The broader takeaway here is to evaluate the broader context of statistical data. For example, in the Neighbors app, when the writer evaluated the statistics of crime for the previous day alone, the crime reduces and there was a nuanced view of daily crime rates.

In the times of information technology, access to accurate data is abundant! However, the reader of said data needs to understand the broader context of this information to make the appropriately draw conclusions about trends and such.

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