So Facebook release its own story telling picture slide show. It has all the feature of Snapchat and the photos disappear overtime. This is an attempt by the social media giant to keep users engaged on their app. However; while it is nice to have, I did not see much of a point to it. Also I did not feel it was as fun as Snapchat. This is not so much the Facebook did anything bad, or wrong, it about what Facebook has become.

For the Facebook story feature. You take a photo just like snapchat, and you can add different effects and stuff. The effects are not as good as snapchat for the most part. With snapchat you have locations and faceswap and the dog face. Also there are a lot of choices, Facebook does not have as many right now. You take a photo and you can add it to your story of message someone directly with it. You can add text or draw on it if you like. All standard, but not as in depth as Snapchat. However, Snapchat did not start with so much depth that it has now.

The biggest problem with me using Facebook storie over Snapchat is more about what Facebook has become. Facebook has become more serious in nature. It’s become the telling of your life story to you closest friends, family, colleagues, and co-workers. In there lies the issue. You’re judged by what you post on Facebook more than what you are on Snapchat and any other social media other than LinkedIn. Remember when employers judged employees and candidates by their Facebook page? It still may be happening, and Facebook does not allow for anonymity like other channels. So if you’re going around snapping stories on Facebook, the people closest to you and potentially your employer will know.  

For example let’s say you connect with a coworker or a few on Facebook. You snap stories at work and something you snap something that they don’t like or more importantly your boss doesn’t like. Than your in trouble huh? You really have to think about what you put up on Facebook stories. This may just be my opinion alone, but until Facebook addresses employer Facebook spying more effectively and changes some of its branding. People are still going to use snapchat and Facebook won’t see as much engagement on stories as it could.
So I will keep my Snap stories for now, nice try Facebook. Read more about it on Mashable. Click Here

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