Cloud-Based Tools That Will Make Communication More Efficient!

Compulink Technologies is now partnered with Freshworks and we have a unique portfolio of cloud-based communication tools to offer now!

Freshworks provides innovative customer engagement software for businesses of all sizes, making it easy for teams to acquire, close, and keep their customers for life. Freshworks SaaS products provide a 360-degree view of the customer, are ready to go, easy to use and offer quick return on investment.




Freshdesk is an award-winning, cloud-based customer engagement platform that brings people and bots together to delight customers at every touchpoint. Equipped with best-in-class features for delivering high quality customer support, the solution is designed to meet the demands of growing businesses as well as large, established companies that want to make customer experience a key differentiator.

Freshdesk is the leader in AI-powered bots, built-in collaboration tools, advanced workflow automations, and improved agent productivity. 

Freshdesk streamlines support ticket load balancing, management and reporting across your organization, complete with Service Level Agreement metrics, an integrated knowledge base, CX automations, and advanced analytics.

Additionally, Freshdesk integrates seamlessly with your internal corporate systems, including many ERPs and CRMs. Agents can leverage popular apps, such as Google Apps, YouTube, SlideShare and can access more than 640 third party apps on the Freshworks Marketplace. Freshdesk also provides integrated mobile apps for Android and iOS, so you can take your Freshdesk anywhere you need to go.



Freshchat is a cloud-hosted modern messaging and engagement application created to meet the varying needs of sales teams both large and small. According to satisfied customers, Freshchat helps making the chatting experience intuitive and through all channels preferred by your customers, integrated and organized for your agents and flexible to adjust conversations for both yours and your customers’ expectations.


The modern application lets you prepare and distribute contextual messages, capture leads, and qualify resources, and gather valuable customer intelligence directly from your users or third-party systems. You will be provided with a variety of channels through which your customers may reach you. At the same time, you can set up in-app campaigns to onboard and educate new users, and retain lapsing customers, and share interesting insights and announcements to keep them in the loop with recent developments. Basically, you will manage to respond to all customers’ needs from the comfort of a single, moderately priced platform.


To facilitate engagement and communication, Freshchat integrates with other messaging and help desk platforms, including prominent providers such as Zendesk, Slack, and Facebook Messenger. If you are a current Freshdesk/Freshsales user, you will have all data seamlessly migrated from one system to the other.




Freshcaller is a modern-day reimagining of our everyday phone system for customer support teams. With its cloud-based architecture, Freshcaller brings together the best of legacy features like IVR and advanced capabilities like Smart Escalations, Customizable Performance Reporting to help you set up state-of-the-art phone operations. Freshcaller offers phone numbers in 90+ countries, requires zero phone hardware, and is extremely easy to use.


Freshcaller is a scalable phone system for businesses of all sizes. Freshcaller handles small businesses to enterprises that have 2500+ users. Additionally, it is used by businesses belonging to a variety of industries such as Business Services, Finance, Retail & eCommerce, Software, and Education etc. Freshcaller takes pride in being a reliable phone system with an uptime of 99.97% in 2019 and our call quality is rated 5/5 by our customers.

Freshdesk integration: Freshcaller phone widget is present in Freshdesk enabling your agents to make and take calls without having to switch tools.




Freshservice follows ITIL best practices with a simple, refreshing and intuitive user experience, bringing ITIL processes like Incident, Service Request, Problem, Project, Change and Release management right into one Service Desk. All of these processes revolve around IT assets which is provided in a robust CMDB to manage your CIs. Freshservice also lets you create and publish your Solutions/Knowledge Base on the cloud. Freshservice strives to keep IT support fun, with its gamification system to keep support agents motivated and productive.

As a product, Freshservice has been developed leveraging Freshworks’ experience in providing user-friendly, omnichannel support solutions. You will benefit from an ITSM solution that puts the user first and is easy to configure and maintain.



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