If you are unfamiliar Gigaom is a very good technology blog site where industry experts regularly contribute many articles to help people understand technology better. The wrote a full report on how to define the right multi-cloud strategy for your enterprise the first time. I am not going to repeat the report to you. (You can read the full report by clicking the link at the bottom.) Instead, this will be a review of the report to see how helpful it can be.

Overall the report is very useful for anyone trying to look into cloud solutions. Often times when people think about multi-cloud solutions, they tend to not consider a multitude of things. For example, they don’t figure out which cloud service will be used for what. For example, should you use a public or private cloud to store employees work? Some fail to look at all their options when looking into a cloud. This report outline everything to consider before deciding on a multi-cloud solution 

If you are going to read the report and look for it to tell you what to buy, it won’t do that. Instead it more of a working guide to help you determine what is best for you to buy for your business. Overall it is very informative and can help people define what their multi-cloud solution should be. It is helpful to read it before you implement anything, so you can get everything right the first time.

To read the full report on Gigaom- Click Here

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