If you are a computer science nerd you might have read an article on Science Daily about how researchers learned how to write any magnetic code on nano wires. If you haven’t you should check out the article.

Click the link here https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/11/171120141501.htm

For all those regular people who are probably ready to tune out this blog post wait. To get to the point quickly, this breakthrough is meant to lead toward hardware neural networks. Now what this would look like and how it would work is a long ways away.

However; I am going to look into my crystal ball and predict what this could mean for technology. I think it will mean that you can build a powerful network that processes data and will essentially be more powerful than the human brain.

Neural networks already exist, but they are based in software. This breakthrough is essentially starting at the base of any hardware like hard drives, servers, etc. Making these already powerful data processing machines more powerful.

The benefits will remain to be seen, but in this age of big data, speed is everything. How fast your network can process data and interpret it is crucial. We live in a fast paced society and you need your data ten minutes ago.

This shows that we are making great advances in the realm of technology. It is improving more and more, but that also brings new challenges. Now this conversation is not about artificial intelligence and the jobs it replaces. This is centered around the advancement we are making in the age of big data.

So do you find this exciting? What do you think this breakthrough could mean?

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