YouTube reported that humans around the globe watch billions of hours of YouTube content per day. This is based on calculating how many hours people spend on YouTube rather than the amount of views a video gets. Now YouTube is not without its problems. A new algorithm has drawn criticism from its biggest creator, along with controversial copyright issues. However, people expect this trend to grow in the coming years.

Now personally I also think that the content on YouTube continues to improve, and younger generations live on the internet these days. Also it does not have as much strict censorship as television. Plus once a video is up you can watch it on your own time. This makes YouTube the more appealing route to go for many individuals, small media companies, and large companies. An inexpensive way to spread video content globally, versus thousands to spread a commercial to a few million people.

I use YouTube to get my news, entertainment, some educational video, research, and to explore. I don’t stay up to watch the late night talk shows, but getting the best commentary and interviews on YouTube is great. I catch up on news stories on my own time with YouTube. There are also many great content creator I like to watch. I spend more time on YouTube than TV. It has much better content than TV in my opinion.

What do you think? How much YouTube do you watch?

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