IBM is working on quantum computing for businesses, and while it seems like this is something out of a science fiction movie, it is quite real. If you try to learn quantum computing, don’t bother. The world’s leading physicist won’t be able to fully explain to you what it is. You just have to know that this is being worked on by many tech companies, university labs, and government labs.

The essential goal of quantum computing is to explain to people everything that is going on at a molecular level. If you use analytics to make a business decision, you are guided by math formulas and data. Then you experiment on how to make the analytic numbers more efficient and effective. Quantum computers will add a layer to that and will take the trail and error work out of business decision. That is at least the hope of the engineers at IBM. Essentially a quantum computer will rapidly analyze everything that goes on in a business an rapidly analyze the infinite number of scenarios. ‘

Now there is no need to worry about this right now. We are years, maybe decades away from this becoming a reality. But this is the future that we are likely headed for, and we should keep an eye on it. Programmers and people alike will not have to learn the ropes soon. You can try a simulated quantum experience at IBM website called Quantum Experience.

I find this story fascinating in learning what the possibilities for technology will be down the road. It is also interesting to see what will govern these technologies. Maybe I read and watch too much science fiction, but I would like to avoid a future like the Matrix or 2001 A Space Odyssey.

To read the full story on this check out CNET’s article. Click Here

To try the Quantum Experience from IBM. Click Here

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