The quality of IT Solutions in an Educational Environment can have a direct impact on the learning environment. While we are experiencing the “new normal” of remote education, it is crucial to adopt educational technologies that can better foster a virtual learning environment. In 2020, there are many solutions that educational institutions can adopt for their IT environment to have such a benefit. Here are a list of products and solutions that can immediately impact education:

HP Classroom Manager

Classroom Manager is a tool mainly for educators and students. It is fitting for the Computer rooms of schools where students and teachers are all on different computers and engaging with the same content. Classroom Manager is a software the entire class would be using in their respective devices and the educator would have control over how the students use their devices.

The intention behind this solution is to prevent distractions among students and to foster a collaborative environment. This tool enables students to share their work from their computers with the class and has communicative capacities for instant messaging between students and teachers (in case they have a question). Additionally, teachers can lock/unlock devices; clear students’ devices, monitor their screens.

Managed Print

Every school, college, or university has print needs. Teachers need to print materials for their lessons and students need to print their assignments and/or the required content for class. Additionally, the administrators need printers for their official forms. Despite the importance of print in an educational environment, printers still have issues and cause delays. These delays have detrimental effects on the overall educational process.

Managed Print Service is a Solution where the school works closely with a Service Provider on their print environment. The Managed Print Service Provider would maintain the print security, closely monitor the supply quantities, assist with repairs, and facilitate the replenishment of necessary supplies. At the end of the contract, the service provider works closely with the school’s IT team on refreshing the print supply as well.

IT Network Security

With a high volume of students and educators using the network in a school, cyber threats can sneak in through the network. It is difficult to properly manage every small threat. At any given time an individual user can open a bad phishing email or download a suspicious program.

The lack of IT Security can leave room for a cyber breach into the school’s network. Reacting to this crisis would prove costly to the administration and cause significant delays to the educational process of students and teachers. Additionally, sensitive data of each individual user can be breached such as passwords, and personally identifiable information.

With the proper firewalls, IT officials can monitor the content each endpoint device has access to; and find suspicious activity in the network. In addition to firewalls, email security is also necessary as is insider threat detection. With the proper configurations and segmentation, the IT team can have an organized network where different levels of officials have different types of exposure into network data.

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