As the spiral downward from the Meltdown and Spectre news continues to drive everyone in the world insane, Microsoft is taking a crack at solving the Spectre vulnerability. Microsoft decided to release a patch called KB 4078130.

This patch is not scheduled to be in a Windows update, so you have to download and install manually. The patch only needs to be downloaded if you are experiencing issues due to the previously released Intel patches. As for how the Microsoft patch works, it remain unclear. According to many articles, the patch doesn’t fix Intel’s micro code, but just avoids the Spectre part of the code.

Again from what we can tell, if you skipped the latest patches, you will have nothing to fear at all. The lucky people who decided not to install previous Intel patches don’t’ have a reason to download the new Microsoft patch.

However, anyone who uses Windows might have already installed the Intel patches without knowing. We know that Microsoft releases patches once a month. The Intel patches were released in the latest Microsoft Security update. Surprise! The bad patches were hiding in the security update.

If you are not experiencing a slow down in performance or unexpected reboots, you’re fine. You don’t need the update. If you’re having problems, you may consider installing the Microsoft KB 4078130 patch.

Either way we are all still caught in the tangled mess of Intel. As for when this problem can and will be solved, it is unclear. For all the users with Intel devices, stay strong. Or you can purchase an computer with an AMD chip next time around.

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