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We all know the feeling of being in the middle of something and then windows all of a suddenly updates, and you are not able to save your work. Microsoft has had the automatic updates feature on many versions of windows. There are many people who know exactly how that feels and how frustrating that is. Microsoft has decided to not change that problem, despite its user base asking for them to do so. Many of us use windows at work or at home, and this gets frustrating very quickly. The frustration is mounting and the fact that Microsoft does not appear to want to fix it, is odd. It is marketing 101 to address problems your customers are having. This is bad for Microsoft’s brand, and could partly explain why people switch of windows. 

As a personal example, I was working on a big marketing project once, when an automatic update had started. I lost all my progress from the start and it set me back days to put my project together. The worst part was that the update took a long time. I was using a computer at work to do my project for work. The update started, but after an hour was not making progress. That was because the network administrator for my job had to do things to allow the update. I lost valuable work and time because of these automatic updates.

Feel free to tell us how you feel about this. So many windows users are starting to get frustrated with this feature. It is very odd that this common problem is not being addressed. If Microsoft keeps wondering why more users switch to Macs or to other operating systems. This can be a contributing factor. It shouldn’t be that hard to fix, allow people to update windows when they want to.  Hopefully Microsoft gets the message.

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