Recognizing Effective Leadership: Denise Arboleda

Denise Arboleda, Vice President of Compulink Technologies, has recently attended the Women of the Channel (WOTC) Leadership Summit East 2018.  This event took place on December 4-5, 2018.  WOTC Leadership Summit is an exclusive event where prominent and rising women business leaders in the IT Industry are invited to network, collaborate and find professional development opportunities.  We at Compulink Technologies are proud of Denise for this honor due to her genuine, diligent efforts to become the effective business leader she is today.

It is in this environment of collaborative business engagements where Denise is at her best.  Throughout the past thirty years, Denise has helped develop Compulink Technologies from a network cabling service to a full-fledged IT Solutions provider servicing agencies in the City, State, and Federal Government.   She has helped Compulink establish partnerships with leading IT manufacturers such as Cisco, Dell, HPE, HPI, F5, etc. and manages all these business relationships diligently.

In an interview with CRN, Denise said “We offer entire solutions designed by Compulink Technologies to the customer, which most of the time incorporates multiple manufacturer products.  That is the real value of what we bring to the table.”

It is through these connections that Denise and Compulink Technologies has been able to effectively package solutions from different manufacturers for large government agencies.  For example, Denise and Compulink Technologies assisted the New York MTA in obtaining GPS capabilities for all of their buses.  With the same client, Denise collaborated with both HP and Cisco systems to develop a solution package for tracking all MTA buses in the tristate area.

It comes as no surprise that Denise Arboleda is attending the WOTC Leadership Summit where she can develop and nurture more connections.  The guests, networking events, professional development trainings, and motivational speeches can only help enhance such talent as Denise’s in the IT industry.  More than business growth, it is Denise’s genuine commitment to quality service and adding value to clients that make this event exciting news.

When we asked Denise about her thoughts on this exclusive invitation, she answered, “It is an honor and a privilege to be considered a guest among such a talented list of women leaders.  Receiving these honors don’t come with ease and there are decades of hard work the Compulink team and I put into our business engagements with the government.  But while this is a great honor, the true question lies in how we can promote more collaboration between the business and government sector.”

From Compulink Technologies, we would like to congratulate Denise on all of her accomplishments and the genuine passion she brings to the table.  She has certainly earned her spot in the WOTC Leadership Summit.

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