One of the technology trends that will be looking to grow is technology designed to build smart cities. The goal of a smart city is to make all its essential functions better, and help the day to day running of a city. This will help cities better manage things like traffic, water, air quality and more. According to some of the big tech companies, cities are already looking to start pilot programs for these types of technologies.

What does it take to build a smart city?

It takes a lot of money, time, and advanced technologies. The technology is beginning to be built more and is becoming more effective, but of course coming up with the money and time take the longest. You need technologies that help build the Internet of Things (IoT) and massive networks that can handle the big amount of data that needs to process. Essentially cities need a massive wifi network to handle smart city technology.

What would a smart city look like?

That is a good question, but for starters it will help improve daily functions. For example a traffic grid will be programmed to generate the least traffic it can. You ever wonder when your driving and sometimes you get caught between a light that goes from green to yellow, and soon red. More than likely that state of limbo will be eliminated. Traffic lights will be coordinated to measure multiple factors in traffic, not just traffic around the area.The timing of the lights will facilitate an easy flow.

How can a smart city benefit me?

Once cities have perfected their infrastructure on smart technology, they will provide technology that you can use to interact with it. You can have an app that can show you when a bus is close to arriving, not relying on schedules. Use an app to see what the wait time and an emergency room is nearby. The ability to see what the response time is for emergency services from an app. Who knows, but the possibilities are endless.

What comes next?

We have to wait and see how this works out with pilot programs in cities. If they become successful then cities will slowly implement the technology more and more. Of course this all takes time, because the wheels of government move slowly. Read more about smart cities. Click Here 

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