Space X launched another rocket into space to deliver a satellite, however, this average space launch is of historical significance. The reason being is that the nose cone used at the top of the rocket came back and landed. Well why is that historic? Because typically all the comes back from these rockets is the main body. With this now Space X can make rocket launches more often and for less money. Again why is it historic?

Thinks about the old Apollo space shuttles, and the modern NASA Shuttle. The Apollo shuttles were one use only. You had to build a new one each time, because the material needed to keep them safe, could not be repaired. The modern NASA shuttle is made of materials that can be repaired and replaced at a fraction of the cost to build.

It is not easy building something that can withstand the heat of reentering earth’s atmosphere and that can stand the coldness of space. Space X is leading the way in space exploration, while NASA get ignored by our government. Finding materials that can be used for multiple space launch, is the first step in making space exploration a more constant thing.

Congratulations to Space X and Elon Musk for this accomplishment. We can’t wait until your next big accomplishment.

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