After Trump signed an immigration ban into practice, and nation wide protest erupted into airports across the countries. This is one of the rarest times, where people voluntarily waited for hours at an airport. Another result of Trump’s immigration band, is that the most powerful tech companies have pledged to fight Trump ban and support immigrant employees, and refugees that can be victimized by this. For some of the largest corporations to take such an aggressive opposition to a President is unheard of.

Some of the companies planning to fight back include Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Lyft, and Uber. Microsoft, Amazon, and Expedia have decided to take the battle to Trump in the court of law. The companies have filed a lawsuit against the immigration ban. Lyft has pledged $1 million to the American Civil Liberties Union, and Uber pledged $3 million to help any of its drivers who may be victim of Trumps immigration policy. Google has led protest on its campuses worldwide to show the outrage of these policies.

High profile tech CEOs like Elon Musk argue against the ban, and hope to reason with Trump as an advisor. Others like Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg, and have spoken out and shown their connection with immigrants. Cook spoke about Apple would not be around because Steve Jobs was an immigrant. Zuckerberg spoke about how his ancestors, and the ancestors of his wife were immigrants.

Compulink was founded by an immigrant, and would not exist if our CEO Rafael Arboleda never moved to the United States from Ecuador. Immigrant contribute greatly to our economy and society, and banning them is unjust. Regardless of who they worship, where they are from, and the color of their skin, all immigrants deserve a chance at the American Dream.

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