In the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Theresa May is planning to create a new internet in which everything will be controlled and regulated by the government. This proposal come after the UK government won the right to collect everyone’s browsing data. So for our friends across the pond, they are in a pickle. The proposal says it will regulate everything from hate speech to pornography. It will also require corporations like Facebook and Google to control what is posted and what you see.

So if you were to post something like “Theresa May should be shot for this”, you may be prevented from posting it at best. You may even face criminal charges at worst. If you Googled that site with the naughty videos, Google will say sorry, we can’t take you there. Unlike the U.S the U.K does not have a guarantee of free speech for press or citizens.

In the Manifesto May writes that the government will place restrictions on adult content, and expectation would have to be justified. What Does That Mean? So if a lonely guy wants to pleasure himself, does he have to get a court’s permission? Imagine that awkward conversation.

They used to call Margaret Thatcher the Bitch In Charge and the Iron Lady, and while she was one of the first and most notable female world leaders. Her legacy is up for debate, to say the least, and frankly, not one U.K Prime Minsters try to follow. However, it seems that Theresa May, might be going further to the right than Thatcher ever did, or should I say ever could. There was no internet in the 1980s.

So this brings up the questions, should government control and regulate the internet? How much should they regulate it? Is internet access and the ability to get the content you choose a right or privilege? All these questions need to be asked and answered.

The internet is a unique thing. It makes our world super connected and has given us more access to information, content, and things to buy. Overall people use the internet to learn, connect with people, buy things, and for entertainment. Some use it for bad reasons. Should the government control what is allowed to be published on the internet? The answer is no, you should post and publish what you want. If the content is illegal, the government should take it down and arrest the perpetrators.

How far should the government regulate the internet? Enough that it is a level playing field for everyone. They should not dictate content, and should not allow ISPs to dictate who get preferential treatment. Every website should have the same access to speed and should be equally accessible by everyone. There are businesses of all sizes and scope that make a living on the internet and keeping that field level fuels the economy. That’s why we have pure internet companies.

Is internet access a right? Absolutely! Most of the typical everyday things are now done on the internet. We communicate with people, look for employment, file taxes, pay bills, and more. That information should be kept secure, should never be for sale, and never in the hands of the government.

While few will use the internet to spread terrorism, crime, and many vile things. The vast majority of people should not pay for it, and should have their privacy on the internet respected.

Read about Theresa May’s Plans of the Internet in the UK.

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