You can use both a public cloud service and a data center to your advantage in backing up you business. Depending on the size and scope of your business you may have a software application that lets you handle your business. Along with that you use cloud services and/or a data-center to back up the application and all your business data. Now with a cloud plus data center approach you can better leverage and protect you IT assets that your company relies on. It also allows you to mitigate the risk and can be cost effective.

How it works is that you purchase a public cloud service from a company like Amazon Web Services. Then you either have an in house data center or pay for data center services. What this allows you to do is not pay a one size fits all price, and allows you to split the risk. As an example you could back up employee work and non essential files. The data center can back up your essential files information and work applications.

This is very beneficial because you can save you money and will keep the most important information safe. Having everything in one place make it more devastating if there is a breach. Data centers are the most secure option, but the expense can be enormous. You only want to protect the most sensitive data and the most essential applications. A public cloud should protect the everyday non essential work of your employees.

There is a lot more to this to understand, and you you can read more about it by clicking here.

If you already doing this, feel free to tell us how this has worked out for you.  

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