VMware has announced its new vCloud Availability for vCloud Director 1.0.1. Not excited? It’s OK, this can be very hard to understand, but let’s break it down into simple terms. This means that if you use the VMware’s cloud solutions for data protection and recovery, you can now have an instantly synced replication and fail safe system. So vCloud Air Availability is a family of products VMware makes to provide cloud based data protection and back up. vCloud Director will now provide an asynchronous replication and fail over system.

If you use a vSphere replication program to backup your data, with vCloud Director you have a service that is better for replication and is better for recovery. The latest of the vCloud Director is 1.0.1. If you get into the weeds, it can be very hard to understand how this all works out. Basically all you have to do is connect your vSphere replication services to your cloud provider who runs vCloud Director on their end. This process is done through vCloud Air Availability.

To learn more, you should go to VMware’s blog and website to get the first hand technical knowledge. As a partner of VMware we do our best to make sure we provide the latest solutions to everyone. The best thing is that this will help you protect your data. It makes your cloud solutions scalable and designed around your organization.

Read more about this on VMware’s blog. Click Here

You can also check out their demo on YouTube. Click Here

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