Welcome to our weekly blog series on cyber security and business. So we did a little research on what will be some of the biggest cyber security trends that could impact your business. Keep an eye out on these trends as we move into the new year.

Cyber Offensive and Defensive Capabilities will Increase

We can consider 2016 the year hacking went mainstream, and because of that both hackers and defenders are going to step up their capabilities.  So be aware of new innovation in hacking and what innovations are made to counter. The top cyber security firms and companies will develop new technology to combat the changing cyber landscape.

The Internet of Things (IoT) will become a target

So many devices connect to the internet at a given time and these devices will be vulnerable to hackers. Many IoT devices are not built with security in mind. There are different ways to attack a company through IoT. The can deny your service and take control of your device, or they can use it for more sophisticated attacks.

Businesses will spend more on cyber security

You’re going to see large companies build department dedicated to cyber security and even a new board position in the field. They are going to spend lots of money on the latest measures and services as well. If you’re a small business the best thing for you is to have a cyber security specialist on staff to help you and outsource to a cyber security firm. Make sure you find what is appropriate for you.

Hackers will improve and innovate

Hackers will continue to get bolder and find new ways to attack their targets. They won’t always attack the biggest names out there. They may just try to find a way to steal from hundreds of small business, who don’t have great cyber security.

Best Tip for You

Stay informed on cyber threats and make sure you are active in conversations around the topic. Make a smart investment in you business and protect it. There are some links to helpful articles, and there are plenty more out there. 

Links to Helpful Articles


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