On December 27, 2018 there was a Transformer Explosion in the Con Edison Power Plant in Queens, NY.  This explosion caused the night sky to turn into a bright blue shade causing much alarm throughout the population in nearby areas.  While no injuries have been reported (thankfully), the Metropolitan Transit Authority announced via Twitter that the No. 7 Train Service had been disrupted by the power failures.  There have also been multiple reports of power failures throughout residential homes in Queens.  The Rikers Island Prison Complex lost power for about 25 minutes.

One takeaway from this incident that we can gather is that it certainly is necessary for organizations to move into Cloud Platforms and establish proper disaster recovery to protect their data.  While there were no reports of any organization’s data being affected by this incident, it is important to recognize that these types of disruptions and obstacles do happen, and optimally having your data protected during these vulnerable times and having disaster recovery plans in place can be beneficial.  If your data is at risk, it transfers to a virtual server in an off-site data center in a matter of minutes, and is retrievable to continue your work!

If you haven’t already, you should get into the Cloud platforms immediately!  While it is hard to predict when these types of disasters can happen, at least you will have already had IT Solutions in place to prevent it!

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