Microsoft is working on a new update for Windows 10 that allows it to lock your computer when you walk away. This feature is being called Windows Goodbye, and would use the same technology as Windows Hello cameras. Windows Hello cameras allow a user to log into their computer with their face. Microsoft still has to workout some issues, but expect to see this soon in Windows 10 builds.

The benefits of having this feature are enormous for individuals and companies a like. We use computer and laptops in a variety of different ways, for different purposes. Have you ever sat in a Starbucks or a coffee shop typing away. You may get a cup of coffee for a brief moment, but an unlocked laptop for that moment is at risk. The same principle applies to many situation, in that you step away from you computer and you forget to lock it. We all have our forget full moments, and this help prevent them for costing us.    

Now how Microsoft figures out what measure of inactivity would initiate the lock, is the question? If it is based on a timer of inactivity, it could cause problems. If you’re staring at a screen and you don’t move in like three minutes, will you computer just lock? Will it lock instantly you get up and walk away? Microsoft has work out the details and will before this feature goes to market.
This will prove to be a good feature once it is implemented. All users will find it beneficial for their work computers and personal computers. It may not seem like a big innovation, but it is an essential one. Cyber threats come in all shapes and sizes, and an open unattended computer is a prime target. Also you want to protect your work and personal stuff from prying eyes.

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